Surfing Aileen’s Wave

Right at the foot of these gigantic Cliffs of Moher has been discovered, in recent times, one of the most spectacular surf waves in the world. Located at the foot of a promontory known as Aill na Searrach, this wave is known as Aileen’s.

According to Irish legend the then high kings of Ireland, known as Tutha de Danan, by magic turned themselves into foals and fled to the caves at the Cliffs of Moher, at the time when Christianity was brought to Ireland by Saint Patrick.

After many years a bright ray of light shone into the cave and 7 foals in panic galloped out along the cliff top and tragically careered over the edge. Aileen’s wave, so named by the local surf community, was derived loosely from this headland, known in Irish as Aill na Shearrach, translated as Leap of the Foals.

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