An Enchanted Landscape

The enchantment of this marvelous landscape on the Atlantic edge of Europe does not end at The Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs are just a part of a much broader landscape on the western seaboard of Ireland, whose ruggedness and beauty make it Ireland’s greatest natural jewel. Condensed into an area of about 270 square kilometers on the north coast of County Clare in the West of Ireland, the region is a showcase of Ireland’s choicest flora, fauna, geology and archaeology. This area is known as The Burren. Derived from the Irish words  An Bhoirean meaning ‘A place of stone’ The Burren is a landscape of fertile rock holding fascination for the botanist, ecologist, geologist and historian. It has been called the largest rock garden in the world and, although it can resemble a limestone desert, it is habitat to the most varied flora in Europe.
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